Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peanut to the butter

Although church started at 1 PM, Duchess was still sleeping on Sunday, so she did not go. I didn't want to put with with a fight, so I just left without her. She is so sensitive about her sleep that it wasn't worth risking our relationship. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought she was going to be there.

Classes started today. Which means Duchess is home alone all day. It is starting to get to her head. You see, Duchess has a weird addiction to peanut butter from the first time I introduced her to it. Strange as it may sound, she would rather eat peanut butter than her din din most evenings. I am really ok with it because it is easier on my budget.

Look at the mess I came home to yesterday...

I promptly sent her to time out like any good Papa Cat would.

Meow, baby.

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