Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meow, baby

Born of royal blood, Duchess has grown well in fill the paw prints of her ancestors. She ruled with dignity, and in return she asked for a portion of the tax payer's dollars, like any good noble would. It is part of her royal duties to sleep until noon and upon waking up she would enjoy a Friskies Prime Rib cat nip with A1 sauce on the side. She may be a little high maintenance, but like any kitty she can be entertained with a generic brand ball of string. The peasant kittens received word from a trader inside the palace of what Duchess' daily routine, and their was a political upswing against her and the Duke. A civil war broke out in her homeland between those who wanted to rise to power and the Duchess and Duke's faithful followers causing her empire fell. She was forced to leave her country before the bloody end to her sweet life. In the immigration office Duke was forced into Kentucky and Duchess to Utah to try and keep them underneath the radar.

How could such a regal and refine end up in the care of a common owner? She was found by a dear friend bagging for any sort of help at a local thrift store. Tragically, my friend still lives with her parents, and they would not let her have a cat underneath their roof. So, she offered her into my care, and without hesitation I accepted Duchess into my feline fanatic family.

These are Duchess's life adventures while underneath my watchful eye.

Meow, baby.

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